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A10 will not connect to home wi-fi

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hi my A10 will not connect to my home wi-fi. keep getting message Authentication error occured i have  tried all the solutions but still nothing. reset to factory settings, still the same. when i go to other peoples homes it connects straight away. my wife has a A70 which connects no problem. i have even split the 2ghz & 5ghz on router but it does not pock up the 5ghz signal. any ideas 


Hi, Mate!

It seems that the Galaxy A10 does not support 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection. You can also see the specifications on the website which is

May I please also know if you can connecte through a 2 GHz Wi-Fi connection? If no, please perform the following steps:
a. Forget and reconnect your Wi-Fi through Settings> Connections> Wi-Fi.
b. Try to isolate or connect your phone in another Wi-Fi connection to check if it is working. If your phone can connect in other Wi-Fi, there could be an issue with the router.
c. Reset the network and settings of your phone, this will not affect any data in your phone. To perform reset network and settings, please go to Settings> General Management> Reset> Reset network or Settings.

Thank you!

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