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A folder with photos has disappeared from my A5

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I have a Samsung A5 fully updated.
Today, through my PC, linked to my A5 by the supplied cable, I was reordering my Folders in /My Files, in my SD Card.

Everything went smoothly and I reordered Folders, transferred photos to them and then got out of the PC (Windows 10).

Moments later when I went to the Gallery (in my A5), of the main 3 folders with photos, one has disappeared - unfortunately for me it was the one with the most photos.

All the other folders work fine, both with photos or docs.


Can anyone please help me and tell me how to recover the folder/photos that have disappeared?

Thank you.


After a folder with photos has disappeared from your A5, first stop using your A5 in case of data overwritten. Then connect it to pc via usb cable, here you need a pro Samsung data recovery software to scan it. If the disappeared photos can be scanned out, you can recover them easily. 

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