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The Introduce Yourself Thread

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Hi just got my Samsung Galaxy s10+
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Just got the s10+ Absolutely brilliant phone. 

ChrisM Moderator

Great choice, @Gavlee2010!Glad you're liking it!

So... turns out I never officially introduced myself when joining the Community, so here goes!

Hey, I'm Chelsea from the United Kingdom. Love love love the Note range from Samsung, and cannot wait to see what they have in store. In my spare time I like to read some different books - I'm currently reading A Country Escape, but it's not that great. If you have any recommendations, drop me a PM! I also play in a Darts league every Tuesday and I like to think i'm a relatively ok player (even if half of them do go out of the board).

I'm way too excited for the new season of Game of Thrones. What is going to happen?!? I'll have to stay off of the internet for a whole two weeks in May when I'm away. I bet I'd still manage to see some spoilers one way or another!

Anyway, thanks for having me!
CarlH Moderator

Welcome to the Community, @ChelseaH . I'll try my hardest not to talk about Game of Thrones too much.


Hey guys I'm from the United States forums. Also a Samsung Care ambassador with the US. Nice to meet you 

AndrewL Moderator
Welcome to the Community, @SJohnson
Sorry to bother you Andrew, but is there a way that I can delete a message?
I wrote a message in what I thought was a response to someone else and it turned out that it wasn't, so it stands alone, looking ridiculous with no context at all.
Again, I'm so sorry to intrude.

Hello everyone,  Im Steve, Im from Peterborough and im part of #Budgate


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Fudgy31 


Nice to have you with us!

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