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The Introduce Yourself Thread

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Hi all, Samsung using trainee polar explorer from Ireland here in need of help to get to an Arctic challenge. Need your votes at the link, please and thanks!


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Hi guys im Becky 


Normally a iphone user but the s9 was too sick not to get,

I always look for a phone with a great camera im into almost everything and anything feel free if you need to chat or ask anything 😃

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Yes i myself had to get the galaxy s9+ leaving the iphone,

Welcome to the samsung family 🙂🙂

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Thank You
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Hi im vivian a newbie here..😊
We were all there one time or another. Welcome.
Superuser I
Superuser I
Heya Vivian and CES,

Welcome to the community 😁👍
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JoseAlvarezCh here

Hi  my name is Steve I am really grateful for being welcomed 😁 I am currently studying software development coding for android phone apps I live in the UK and I am happy to be of help to anyone of you guys in respect to computer technology what I don't know I will gladly try my best to obtain a solution from contacting my software developers friends in Github on my software developers training webpage have a great day every one 😎

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