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The Introduce Yourself Thread

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Hi everyone no spare time. Aĺl together now 'aww' got a website though.

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Hi everyone 

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Hi @Arieta  and @David126  (and all the others who've posted since I last visited this thread)!  


@Fudgy31: Have to say that I've enjoyed reading the bants you had with @bazzz , @Colin19, and  @KillYourIdols  over #Budgate. 


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Sounds like fun! 😃
I can't believe that I've only just seen that you're from Leeds our Ant!
(Quality people from Yorkshire .
@AntS its been fun but has been a bit worrying at times not knowing if we were actually still going to get our earbuds or not.

I dont know what posessed Samsung to make them white, they are gonna get dirty real quick.

The next questions are going to be @Colin19 how do you clean yours? BUDS Im talking about
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Still waiting for my ear buds too
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Hi...just joined the Samsung community with a purchase of tab s5e...a bit frustrated that I cant see the benefits tab on members app...any help is appreciated

@Sudipto I sent mine back to Vodafone because I couldnt get on with it.  Mine came with a keyboard and the SPen.  For TABLET you just cant beat the Ipad Pro 12.9 Inch


@Conflictedpuppy wrote:

Hello I am New to Samsung, recent iPhone junkie lol. I can say that I am In love with my Samsung plus 8, The health functions and total control is amazing and reassuring. I love video games and have ps4 so feel free to add me she-she21limits. Major anime/manga lover, big Edgar Allen Poe fan just love all his work. Anything else you would like to know just ask. µ I have had on my flat screened S6. I'm loving the s8 and am waiting on getting introduced to the field of virtual reality. I change my themes quite regularly as I get bored with the same theme and like the fact that you can also change the icons and always on display. Love the customisation that android gives you. Having problems with the native Samsung keyboard though. I use the swipe for all my inputting but this keyboard doesn't recognize a lot of the words. It used to be fine until the updates.

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