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Yes that update on our s8 phones was the mother of bad ideas. This was probably a hair bun wearing *****s idea at google as Im not quite sure samsung would do this. I could be mistaken though...


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Wow You cant say *****?


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1. The card instructions (for phone) for product registration via the Samsung Members App are out of date.  There is no 'my products' button when you open the Samsung Members App on the phone. You can only register online via the website. please fix.


2. Your Live Chat service has a bug. It will not submit a request for a live chat - it returns a message saying that not all essential categories have been completed even when ALL the red-starred items have been completed.  It is possible that to get a Live Chat you must fill in hte model number (which is not red starred) but even when you fill this in - and then choose a more specific longer number (that of course is not something that customers have as we only get the shorter version of the model number) it still does not accept a submission.  This is very very annoying. You must fix.


3. It takes ages to get someone to contact you via email for support. 


I think yous at Samsung don't give a toss about anyone apart from their money , when yous get our money yous are as tight as a crabs ***** when us customers want a refund , every year it's more money with just the same ***** installed in your less that acceptable quality of phones , I will never buy Samsung again .

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