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samsung internet, suddenly all screen gestures have disappeared

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i was using samsung internet 8.2 (old version) and samsung internet beta (latest and the one before that)

i could use screen gestures during fullscreen videos such as volume, brightness, fastforward and backward functions.

but today, suddenly all those features r gone from both apps. i havent even updated those apps.

why did screen gestures disappear and how do i get those back? i cant live without those features.

there has to be a problem with the video player somehow.

phone: samsung a3 2017
android: 8.0.0

CarloL Moderator

Hey @jack6503Do you have full-screen gestures enabled in your Display settings? You can find this out by heading to: Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Full screen Gestures. Also, does it happen on any online platforms/websites you visit or only on certain ones? 

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my phone doenst have gestures settings :(

someone wrote this in another forum:

"I think it depends on what media player the actual website uses that you visit. Samsung browser as far as I know doesn't actual have it's own full screen gestures for videos played through the app itself. Rather the website you visit may have switched up the media player they use to play their content. I'm not sure but I noticed this before, if you visit different websites the video player can work in different ways."

so it seems that has ruined it for me?

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how do i come in contact with developers of samsung internet browser?
TessM Moderator

I Have tried to find this option using a simulator @jack6503 , however, I have been able to find this on our phone. Can you confirm if you are able to sue this in any other apps? 

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This is pretty sick but screen gestures work on some websites.


for example here:


But on, it no longer works.


How come the video player is worse/different than the Sweclockers player?


Are there monkeys working on Youtube?

TessM Moderator

I understand your frustration here, @jack6503  However, is this is only happening with YouTube I would recommend contacting them to report this so they can fix it in future updates. 

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