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Welcome to the Galaxy Store

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It’s already on your Galaxy smartphone and managing a number of your apps. It’s time that we all get better acquainted with the Galaxy Store (the artist formally known as Galaxy Apps).


Why use the Galaxy Store?


When you get to the Galaxy Store you will find apps that are specifically designed and tested for a Galaxy smartphone (rather than apps developed for any phone in the android ecosystem). This means that these apps can use more of the innovative tech that is unique to your phone, wearable or ecosystem like the infinity screen’s edge panels, the array of sensors available and the S Pen (and many more).


You can check out apps ‘Made for Samsung’ by people like Amazon Kindle (my fav), and Yelp (and so many more) and the community of Samsung developers who are publishing the apps of tomorrow.

There are also some great partnerships that bring unique content and experiences (like Fortnite).


Optimising your experience


Health, Pay, Wearable, SmartThings, Members and core apps are all being supported by Galaxy Store who support their updates.


Do make sure that you pop in from time to time, if only to make sure you are on the latest update for the applications so that you have the best experience. In an ever changing environment, making sure you are on the latest version of software and apps is important for stability and performance. In the same way as the Google Play Store, some updates require an active consent, not automatic, usually when the permissions change. To do this, head to: Galaxy Store > 3 dot menu (top right) > My page > Update > Update all (On OneUI PIE on my S9)



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