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Update android pie (9.0) problems with A6+

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I just updated my samsung a6+ to the latest android version (9 Pie) but i started seeing a lot of issues, the most problematic is the bad quality of pictures and videos in any app such instagram, youtube, facebook, and others, it looks very pixelated and the colors became flat too. The camera quality also went down and the phone keeps getting hot and laggy. Idk when will be another update 


Just updated mine too and I see grey box over my recent photos just like in this other post:

Had issues with photo quality on Instagram before the update already though but manageable. Now I can't even ACCESS my photos! They are on an SD card but some of them won't even appear as a thumbnail and others appear but when clicked they switch to a grey box... 


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I faced same problem. Quality of videos and photos are really low with grains and blurre. What should we do now?

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The same is happening with me! My videos look whitened and blurry.

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