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Unable to register card on Samsung pay

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I bought a Samsung galaxy watch yesterday to use with my Google pixel. When trying to set up Samsung pay I get through to the very last stage and once I agree the terms and conditions for my credit card provider I get an error message that says: 'registration denied. Your request wasn't approved by the card issuer. Try another card or contact your card issuer for more information.'


I contacted the card issuer and they said there was nothing received on their end. I also double checked and they do support Samsung pay.


I've tried uninstalling the Samsung pay watch plugin and reinstalling. I've tried resetting my watch also but still the same error message each time.


I've managed to add my debit card without issue but I'd really like to be able to add my credit card.

TracyR Moderator

Hey @Zee210


As you're able to register a Debit card, it's unlikely that it's an issue with Samsung Pay. 

Is this the only card you're having problems with?


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