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Total distance not showing in samsung health


Why can i no longer see my total distance for the week/month/year????


Im doing a challenge where i need to cover 2000 miles in 12 months but without this feature i can not see what i have completed or how much further i have to go....


Whats with this stupid "average distance"... thats no good to anyone...


Are you telling me i now need a separate tracker to keep a record of my distance.... if so when will YOU be sending it to me??? I paid £300 for my watch and it cant even keep track of how far i have walked in a week



And you send me a stock reply regarding clearing the cache and cookies...... how is that gonna help with the app settings..... you have taken away a vital part of the app and are telling me to clear a cache.....
Called samsung on 0800 995 1079 and spoke via facebook messenger just to be told to clear the cache and check the app is upto date.....
Then i just get told "sorry this feture has been removed"...... i know, thats why im here
But i was told if i email samsung they will pass on my request to the development team..... absolutely no point in finishing my 2000 mile chalange as i now have no proof of completion
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