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Spotify app is missing on Non-Samsung phones' Galaxy Store



People are going crazy over this issue on offical Spotify community forum, so i start this topic here to raise awareness about this problem we are facing. 


This is not just a "Galaxy Watch" thing. I use Gear Sport and i can confirm that (you'll see in the youtube video) Spotify is also missing on Gear Sport too.


PROBLEM IS: Users of Galaxy Watch and Gear Sport can not find Spotify for Tizen in their Galaxy Store, which is located in Galaxy Wearable app. The users have one thing in common. They dont have Samsung phones. Spotify is aware of this problem. About 300 people just state "we have the same problem". The status is "under investigation" in spotify forums. 


I just want Samsung to be aware of this problem too. Maybe they should work together because it has been 2 weeks and nothing has been changed so far. Some people got Spotify v2.1.8 which is updated in March, some people dont even have this app on their Tizen watch because they can't find spotify on Galaxy Store!!!.



Check the forums below if you dont believe me:



I've also made a video about this situation.



Please comment on this problem. I know i am not alone. Bring Spotify back!!!!


My specs:

Phone: Xiaomi Mi Max 3, Android Pie

Watch: Gear Sport, Tizen

Galaxy Wearable App: Latest version,


Please comment on this problem. I know i am not alone. Bring Spotify back!!!!


I recently bought a galaxy watch 46mm and came across the same issue.


My specs:

Phone: LG G7 ThinQ

Watch: Galaxy Watch 46mm, Tizen

Galaxy Wearable App: Latest version,

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Problem seems to exist since at least 2 weaks... Just wow.

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I have sooooo many issues with that watch I wish I hadn’t bought it! One of the reason I made that terrible mistake is strava and Spotify. Spotify doesn’t exist in galaxy store. Samsung is deaf and never replies to my questions! And strava. Simply does not track my geolocalisation even though gps is on...

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Hi there, @illetyus.


Sorry to hear about this. We have a similar thread with a solution over here. Could you try the solution listed?


Thanks a lot.


 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:


It does not work...

No, it doesn't work for me. Spotify's been selected when I go into player list as that's now my goto music player. No spotify app on galaxy store on watch by search. I then tried switching to a different player and switched back to Spotify before searching for Spotify app again all on the watch still no go.
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Really disappointed. I had a gear Fit 2 Pro and had Spotify app on my watch.

I recently switched to the Galaxy Watch Active, result: no Spotify app in the Galaxy Store anymore.
Non of the solutions in the forums work.
Is any of Samsung people or Spotify people anyway working on this issue which infects many people?


Phone: Huawei P9

Country: Belgium

Galaxy Wearable app:



Just updated to galaxy wear and I can see and installed Spotify to my galaxy watch now.

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