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Spotify account & Samsung Music

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Is there any way I can link my Spotify Premium account to Samsung Music so I  can use my Spotify Premium features in Samsung Music

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Did you ever find a solution to this problem. I have the same issue, seems Samsung Music ignores Spotify Premium.  I haven't found any solution.  Did you make any progress.

Hi, Mate!

I understand that you would like to sync the songs from Spotify to Samsung Music. Please be informed that Samsung Music App can detect the Spotify but can't play the songs.
The reason for that is the downloaded songs in Spotify can only played by Spotify Player, it is a security or due to the private content ''copyright'' that only Spotify can play. You can also check the terms and condition of Spotify under the user guidelines.

Thank you!
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Hi, Jonty1512. Yes, it's true. I understood, that all downloaded songs in Spotify can only played by Spotify Player. I had the same situation. Despite this I like Spotify app because of it advantages: a huge database of music, multiplatform, excellent system of music selection, connection of social networks, sound quality, cheap paid subscription. Besides, if you have a musical talent and you record covers like me, you can try Spotify promotion.



If you are interested, you can check the link .

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