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Samsung pay on gear s2


I used their "contact the CEO" function on their website and got a response basically telling me to off!

Thank you for your recent email to the CEO of Samsung UK. I am sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction with the features available to your Galaxy Gear S2 device, and I hope to provide some clarification. 

We must confirm that at no point upon release and sale were the Gear S2 specifications advised to have compatibility with Samsung Pay. While this was taken under consideration for this model prior to release, it was not advertised as a selling point once released. 

Therefore whilst regrettable that you feel the next steps would be escalation to trading standards mediation, we will of course address and provide our defence as such. 

I recognise you remain dissatisfied with our position; however this will remain full and final.

I would start by asking why they shipped all uk gear s2 with the Samsung pay app then, when you clicked on it, it stated "this feature is not available yet" or words to that end. It 100% implied that pay was coming.

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I've gone down the 'don't get mad get even' route. There are ways to overcome this


That's a rather cryptic response  Can you be any more explicit  


Hi, Did anyone get anywhere with this? I have been fighting for this too and I remember explicitly having a conversation with a member of staff at a samsung experience store that samsung pay would be available, its the main reason I upgraded. I'm getting nowhere though :-(


My pursuit of justice has been on hold.Been busy with life but still considering when I find some quiet time pursuing this through court; just need to understand how much I could be exposed to financially if it didn't go well  As it happens I think there is a very strong case. Samsung has been totally disengenous throughout to suggest Samsung Pay was never promised. For goodness sake they had at least one UK launch event showing off the functionality. Between this and another debacle around lack of HLG support on one of their TVs I'm now boycotting Samsung products. They are a disgrace and in truth I hope the company fails given its contempt for customers . Rant over 

I completely understand, it's such a frustrating situation. I have the S2 3G. I have found on the O2 website a reference to the abilty to pay with the watch so I'm going down that route now. I will let you know if I have any success.

I made a formal complaint to O2, they agreed that the watch was advertised incorrectly and they received information from Samsung however O2 claimed that I should return the product within 14 days if I was unhappy. I took the case to the Ombusman they also start that I should of sent it back within 14 days. I have disagreed with the outcome. The positive side though it that they agreed that the produce was advertised incorrectly! I'm now considering taking this to the small claims court, anyone with me? I think we have a very strong case.


Hi Coleen, I have also got my S2 from O2, one of the primary reasons for buying it was the idea of using Samsung pay, I was under strong impresion after waching unvilled video on youtube that this function would be aviable to all S2 watch users.

I feel let down by Samsung, I have been using thier produckts for years ( in fact since Galaxy S2) and this issue with watch makes me just pissed off,another half baked product relised by samsung, and they dont care.

I am rather busy and dont know much about law, but I would like to help if I can.

What can I do on my part?




I agree that if we went to small claims AND had sufficient collateral to show we'd be misled then we'd have very strong case. I wrote a letter in 2017 and got the usual rebuff. I was too busy later with family life to keep pursuing. I would be happy though pursuing a joint action. I did keep hold of the following URL which might help too

So disengenuous of Samsung to suggest they never suggested Samsung Pay would be available. I no longer buy any Samsung products and hope in time they go out of business. Vile customer service.



Great, I think our first steps would be to collate all information that we have. I will look in to how to go to small claims, it might mean we either make individual claims (£25 each) but use collective information gathering or we make a larger claim. I’m off work next week so I will contact trading standards and citizens advice about the best way to do this.  I have set up an email adress if you have any links / emails / photos or documents realting to Samsung Pay on Gear S2 it’s: .


I will also contact Samsung as a final attempt and let them know that we are persuing this further. I will let you all know how I get on. Thank you all for your support.

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