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Samsung pay on gear s2

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I totally agree, one of the main reasons I bought my s2 classic was to use samsung pay, we were basically conned. I don't even use the watch anymore, its worthless to just keep time and recharge everyday

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Anyone else had a gear software update and a gear s pay plugin? A Samsung Pay icon is now active.. but it comes back with a device not supported message when I click it which is even more annoying! 


What update number is this, I've not seen anything yet?

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Screen caps below showing version and new S Pay shortcut.. 


It updated for me this afternoon although as I said before it's not working.






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Error message...






I've got the same software but no Samsung pay showing.

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Did yours update today?


Yep, this morning 


I had an update today for my s7 edge but no Samsung Pay Screenshot_20171120-203506.png


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That's really odd. I also have S7 Edge. I was hoping that is was a sign that a new firmware was on the way. But now I'm thinking it's a sign that my update didn't work properly!

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