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Samsung pay not showing an an option for galaxy watch

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Did you buy the International version?

Only the U.S. models can do it in USA



Hello George,


Thank you for your advices. I am writing to you becausein France the customer service is so poooor.


I have a Galaxy Watch 46mm anda Huawey Mate 20 pro. Samsung pay worked fine until I did a reset of the watch on monday 16 of september.  Since then, the watch keeps displaying that I have to update (each time I try to run Samsung Pay), and then on a second screen it says to try later because it is impossbile to do it now.


Of course I re-installed Samung Wearable, re-initialized everything but nothing works.


If you have a solution it would be great.


Thank you,




Hi, Mate!

I understand that you would like to use the Samsung Pay in your watch. Please do know that some country does not support Samsung Pay services, like in Google Pay, some countries does not support the service due to the legal restriction on every region/country.

In this case, I highly suggest to keep in touch on the retailer to determine if where your device was originally released. Once determined, please contact the specific Samsung Support on the country where your watch was originally released. You can see list of country here on the website

Thank you!



Thank you for your reply.


Actualy as I wrote in my post Samsung Pay USED to work on my Galaxy Watch/Huawey Mate 20 pro combination until I reset the watch on monday. So it is not an issue with country or watch origin. I would think it is due to an update somewhere (Samsung? Huawey? Android?) that made the whole thing not working anymore.




I've contacted one of the support in Samsung Pay UK and I've validated that it will really depends on the country where it was originally purchased. For the Samsung Pay in France, you can see the compatible devices on their website which is , please scroll down inside the website and look for ''Overview'' where you can see the compatible devices.

I have checked that it is only compatible with Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 +, S9 / S9 +, S8 / S8 +, S7 / S7 edge, Note9, Note8, A5 2017, A6 / A6 +, A7, A8, A9, A40, A50, A70 for the French market. Possible the reason why there's no Samsung Pay in your watch is it is not on the list of compatible devices in Samsung France.

Thank you!
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I have the same problem, used to have the pay app in the watch but once I got a new phone, the app dissapeared from the watch. What can I do? Also have changed countries.


Thank you

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