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Samsung members app (different region phone)

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hi there i bought s9 plus when i went germany because the eu warranty works in uk as well. however  when i launched the samsumg members app the marketing ads and benefits where all german while i compared to my friends s9 plus uk model she got different benefits but in english. i wanted to know if i can change my region from german to uk so i can get uk benefits.


AndrewL Moderator

@natsukuso: Unfortunately if the phone was intended for use in Germany then certain apps and features will be setup for use in that region, including language and region specific offers/promotions. If you open the Members app, tap the 3 dots in the top right and select Settings > Samsung Account > Account Information, does it say 'Germany' under the Country information? If so, are you able to tap on this and adjust the location accordingly?

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Superuser I

To add what Andrew has wrote @natsukuso you can also access the Samsung community through your phone browser and that'll give you the community in English because you've got your phone setup in English (UK).

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