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Samsung UK: Samsung Pay Prize Draw: Thousands of Prizes on Tap

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I've made 3 purchases using Samsung Pay linked up to my Santader card and there isn't one voucher showing ☹

Hi @Chrisb1 


I've check the T&Cs: and it says under "Entry" section:

7.    Participants must first ‘ENTER’ into the promotion via the Samsung Pay App and then make five (5) successful Samsung Pay transactions during the Promotion Period, each transaction must be a successful in-store or contactless purchase, made using an Eligible Card in the Samsung Pay app by the Participant and not via an agent or third party. No minimum spend required (an “Entry”).


What i've done:

1. Click on the banner in Samsung Pay

2.Click on Enter

3.Accepted T&Cs (same with the link above)

4.Then started doing transactions - first transaction generated a stamp (you need to go to Samsung Pay -> Click on promotion banner -> Check status and you can see the stamps OR go to Samsung Pay -> Upper Left -> Promotions/Vouchers -> Click on the promotion to see the stamps)

Note: I noticed that you need to wait a bit between transactions - so you can't make 5 transactions in one minute.


If you don't get stamps I would suggest to contact Samsung Support team - more details here: 




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Thanks for the reply mate, I've checked all the terms and conditions and everything seems okay at my end, I will just put it down to a glitch as the vouchers aren't registering.


I will just change back to Google Pay and its always been reliable


Thanks again for your help 

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HSBC accept Samsung Pay

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You are right Hackett, most UK banks dont support it at the moment. I have access thanks to my American Express Credit card 


just won a Samsung EVO memory card, nice. got the email to claim


I won a speaker yayyy

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Hello i want to win!

@azz007 & @MrJCharming - Congrats!


@allanarichards - the prize campaign is finished now, it ended on 3rd May.


ps: I also got an email saying "Your entry has not been selected as one of our winners this time around, however, as a thank you for choosing to use Samsung Pay, we’d like to offer you £30 off our new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active or the Galaxy Watch" - which is very nice 

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