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Samsung S8, Pie Alarm and Gmail issues


I recently installed Pie on my S8 recently, and the Gmail app no longer auto syncs for emails, but more annoying than that - the alarm is no longer functionaing properly! I set it correctly, and it just does not go off.


Don't even get me started on the updated icons!


Has any other S8 users had the same issue?

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Got the update on my galaxy s8 yesterday and did not find any issues with alarm. It went off as it was meant to.
I did experience issues with apps not pushing notifications until you unblock the phone - seems like background data is off however my phone has been in regular mode, no power saving etc. So should be working fine.
Also, "always on display" is not always on display and actually looks terrible compared to the previous screen. Icons are like an Iphone and why would they put clock on the left handside??

Yes, issues and missing features. I don't like it and find it very difficult to use. I would consider going back to Apple, it's that bad.
Yup.. totally shambolic.. I'm shocked to find white on white font on line app, no colour in graphic apps..please i want my £900 phone back or I'll buy a cheap one that actually works
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