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Samsung Pay on non-Samsung phones

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I have got OnePlus 3T and I want to buy new Samsung Watch 46mm. The only thing that stops me - Samsung Pay doesn't install on non-Samsung phones! WHY??? I want to pay by NFC, but I don't like Samsung phones...

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samsung pay is not on non samsung phones, but if you by gear s2, s3, or galaxy watch you can use it through the watch. i have the gear s3 frontier and have used samsung pay on the watch regaurdles of what phone i have connected. i perfer the 3 because it has mst in it wivh allows me to use it on most car swipe macheines  


I have just purchased a Gear S3 frontier.  When I try to use Samsung Pay on the watch it wants me to first install it on my (non-samsung) phone, which of course I cannot do.  So Samsung Pay will not work on my watch.  So can you please tell me how you got it to work on your watch without a Samsung phone

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It's the same with or without a Samsung phone. And is yours American? Some countries don't have Samsung pay on device example germany

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I am using a non-samsung phone and had the same problem installing from the app. I installed it manually outside of google play and outside of the Gear , you can follow this thread


I have a huawei p20 pro and can not set up samsung pay. Also, you can set up on the clock no google pay. Either Samsung changes that, or I'm forced to switch back to apple. I once thought that Android is an open system, that's why I left the iPhone. But it is getting worse with Android and especially Samsung!


If you have a Huawei Google pay will work. 


ähä :-) No i cant.

The system is simply not marketable. A single payment system would be helpful. This is folk stupidity, if every brand wants to raise their own payment system.

But, and that annoys me the most, I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch and can not use Samsung Pay because I have a Huawei Phone .... wtf ?! 

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Huawei phone & Gear S3 watch.

Samsung Support said that I cannot use Samsung Pay because I do not have a Samsung phone 


I ha ve a Huawei P20 pro but i could not find the samsung pay app , neither in the phone google app , not on the samsung app on the wsathc. can you help me , please ?

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