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Samsung Pay not found on A70


I recently bought a A70 through Samsung UK online and have been trying to set it up. 

One feature that is definitely missing: Samsung Pay is not pre-installed, nor available on Galaxy Store. It is also blocked on Playstore. 

I believe A70 should be a supported model according to Samsung Pay's own site, so why it is not available on my device?

AndrewL Moderator
@hozza94: Are you currently based in the UK? Do you get any error messages when you attempt to download the app from Google Play?
New Member

I asked about this to tech support and they told me that A70 doesnot support samsung pay, it was the design team's decision. I means wth samsung, A 50 which is a cheaper phone has the samsung pay support and the costlier A 70 doesnot. 

New Member

Hey not sure if you figured it out or not but you have to download Pay from the galaxy store, not Google Play store! Just took me ages to figure it out!

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