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Samsung Pay - Not supported by my bank/card?


I would love to use Samsung Pay but to date it is not supported by my bank. Bank of Scotland. What is the latest update on more banks signing up go Samsung Pay.


Hi @Redlac I don't think Samsung have any control who use's Samsung pay I think they just make it available to use at there discretion 


There is Android pay also 

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Hi @Redlac


Please speak with your Bank directly to give them feedback that you’d like Samsung Pay. 


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Why cant u use my barclays card on samsung pay. Only discovered this when I went & bought the new galaxy watch & was prompted to set up samsung pay, after putting in all my details it said barclays was not supported. Rather disapointed 

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Hi @Itay21. We recommend contacting Barclaycard regarding their support for Samsung Pay. This link shows our currently supported banks. 

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i am a member from natwest and they just told me to contact samsung about this saying that they arn't the people to talk to

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