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Samsung Members app - Error Reporting

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Hi all.


Updated Members app was released a few days ago that changes this slightly. Same principles, just a slightly different way to get there:


Samsung Members > Get Help > Send Feedback > Error Reports > [select error type] > attach a description and tick ‘send system log data’ > Send.




Long-press the Samsung Members icon on the Apps screen, and select Error reports from the dropdown menu:


Members App Error Reporting screenshot.jpg


Edit: Added the long-press method & screenshots - AntS 26.09.2019

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At this current point i cant get into the app without it crashing at boot up. It actually starts looping itself, closing itself and starting itself constantly. 


This is on my Galaxy tab A 10.5 (2018)

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My phone not suproted s-helth
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1. Please bring back inbox where we can see our sent messages that haven't been answered on yet. 




2. When an agent asks for us to answer to them, we can't, it's confusing! Only thing we can is to rate the response with 1-5 stars and leave a comment on the response.




3. Please mark already seen responses from the agents as red, because they always show up as unread even tho they've been seen.


It's annoying and confusing to have to go multiple times in the Members app and go through all already seen messages through the notifications

Thank you for the help!
On my S10+!
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