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Samsung Galaxy S7 emails not loading

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I have a number of sub folders in my email inbox.

I am trying to look at some old emails in those sub folders with the Samsung email app however some are empty and others when I open the sub folder the emails appear and before I open one they disappear. 

I have tried to reload them by swiping up but they don't reappear. They used to but not anymore.

Any ideas?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @pjdkca 


Thanks for getting in touch. Which email client are you using? Are you able to view the emails if you view the account via an internet browser? It may be that you need to change the Sync settings, so that more of your email history is pulled through to the device, rather than the emails not displaying. To change the settings, follow these steps: Email App > Three dots (top right) > Gear Icon > Select Period to sync email > Select All and also under the gear icon > Sync Schedule > Change this to the most frequent option. This should then bring through the emails you can't currently see. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Chris. 

The email client is Virgin mail.

I've already checked the settings.

It is strange as it happens sporadically but now it just will not populate the sub folders.

I'm just going to have to search my mail on the client website. 


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