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S health need to up their game with the choice activities


Come on guys!! Who's designing this health app. We're in 2019 and exercising is at its peak with so many activities and classes on offer.  Aerobics, spinning, weight toning, HITT and Bootcamp being just some of them.  Why are these not in the workout choices? I mean seriously, who wants to follow a stupid demo of some sort on arm curls, star jumps or...🙄 STRETCHING. Oh and whilst I'm posting I also want to mention, I selected cycling for my spinning class the other day, which was a killer, and it said I burnt 42 kcal 🤣🤣 I think it's missed a 3 off the beginning there.Screen_20190427_162351.png





Pull your finger out and surprise us for a change....please.


Is your Samsung Health still working?? 


Since the last update all I have is the step monitor have lost all the other features

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