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S Health manually input exercise

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I like to use health app to track various activities.  However I'm disappointed that I'm unable to add exercise or activity that was not recorded by a phone or watch.  

E.g. battery low so on power saving and go for a run or go swimming for 30 minutes or 1 hr of a sport etc.  


I'd just like to be able to go in and retrospectively add the details for duration or from a non compatible device that did record the details.  


Any help to get this added as a feature would be welcomed. 

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Hi, you can manually add activity, i will add screenshot if you don't succeed to do it ^^
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How do you manually log activity?

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Yes, I too have either run my Gear Fit 2 battery down or simply took it off to wash my hands and forgot to put the watch back on. Missed 3/4 of a day of walking. I would really like to know if I can manually add steps or exercises I did in the past????

If not, does Samsung intend to add this feature in the future to Samsung Health App.?






1. From the Samsung health homescreen scroll down to the 'exercise' tab / block. 


2. Select this and you will enter the 'select exercise page' 


3. Scroll and select the type of exercise you would like to log. 


4. The exercise page will now open (as if to start a new session). 


5. In the top right corner is the menu (3 vertical dots). Click this and select 'Enter Data'


6. This will now allow you to add the time / date of your workout plus duration. Hit save. 


And that's it! Hope this helps and if anyone knows the best way to log 'CrossFit' rather than 'Circuit training' (as XFit is way more calorie intensive) then please let me know! 





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Thank you for the directions. That helped!


Samagik, thanks for the answer! However it seems like using a galaxy watch leads to different user experience. I have no menu on the top right corner when I follow the steps you described. I still found no way to add workout manually when I have no chance to ware the watch. 


Is there any way to make this work?

Ohh, I found out that having a menu is depending on the type of the exercise. It works fine. Thx
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