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S Health + Galaxy Watch - Activity Calories Too High

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Having a really strange issue, seems my activity listed in my s health app is miles too high.

Ive got no idea how to correct it. 


Showing as I've burnt over 15000 calories . 


Driving me nuts  

Screenshot_20190129-192640_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20190129-184545_Samsung Health.jpg


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I have the same problem. I wrote complaint to Samsung more than five times, they always answer that I need to clear cache and start again. This is solving the problem only for one day, next day the same problem appear.

Samsung is not able to solve the issue. I am disappointed.

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Same issue here yesterday with my S3. One hour of exercise + approx 10.000 steps was apparently 12.500 kcal burned. Reported the issue, but I don't know if I'll hear anything or not from Samsung.

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I got in contact with Samsung and it was sent back for repair.

Work order states it had a new battery fitted, HR sensor and pcb.


Still suffers with the same HR dropouts, still locks up when you have a large activity to record and calories still well out.


Bought a Garmin Fenix, will be selling Samsung. 

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I have the opposite problem when down the gym on cardio machines such as elliptical and rowing machine. My galaxy watch is showing just over half the machine's display. I have a vivoactive 3 which is around 70% of the machine's number.

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I just started having the same problem a couple of days ago out of the blue. I have updated my app, watch and phone operating system. I've done a watch reboot, a watch reset, watch-phone disconnect/reconnect, app cache dump, and disassociated my samsung id and reassociated it, all with no resolution. Tech support says to send the watch back.

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Same issue.. says ive walked 5k stepsand burned 9k calories... i dont think so.... on any planet and i have a high metabolism but thats surreal.

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And I actually figured out what it is. I think that in their code calculation they are adding calories for the week burned and not dividing by days .. ie its wednesday and says ive burned in one day what i should have done to this point. It used to do the same thing with calories, so i stopped using food thing. They need better mathmaticians and testers on their team.
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I had my samsung health app linked to MyfitnessPal and when I removed the link then my watch started working correctly again.

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How can I burn 6,000+ cal in a day without even a true workout?

This happened before,  i had to reset and reinstall things. I've LOVED the device, but since my MAIN purpose of having the fit/smart watch is to track activity, I'd like it to reflect a true reading.Screenshot_20190702-214843_Samsung Health.jpg


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