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S Health + Galaxy Watch - Activity Calories Too High

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Having a really strange issue, seems my activity listed in my s health app is miles too high.

Ive got no idea how to correct it. 


Showing as I've burnt over 15000 calories . 


Driving me nuts  

Screenshot_20190129-192640_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20190129-184545_Samsung Health.jpg


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I have the same problem. I wrote complaint to Samsung more than five times, they always answer that I need to clear cache and start again. This is solving the problem only for one day, next day the same problem appear.

Samsung is not able to solve the issue. I am disappointed.

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Same issue here yesterday with my S3. One hour of exercise + approx 10.000 steps was apparently 12.500 kcal burned. Reported the issue, but I don't know if I'll hear anything or not from Samsung.

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I got in contact with Samsung and it was sent back for repair.

Work order states it had a new battery fitted, HR sensor and pcb.


Still suffers with the same HR dropouts, still locks up when you have a large activity to record and calories still well out.


Bought a Garmin Fenix, will be selling Samsung. 

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I have the opposite problem when down the gym on cardio machines such as elliptical and rowing machine. My galaxy watch is showing just over half the machine's display. I have a vivoactive 3 which is around 70% of the machine's number.

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