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Remap Bixby Key

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So Samsung has finally allowed us to remap the Bixby key bravo Samsung thank you. But we can't remap it with other voice assistants Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa etc

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Superuser I

Others have asked this but my personal thoughts are Samsung may not allow Google Assistant to be added to the Bixby Key.



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It is possible  with an app BX actions,  i have BX actions pro and i can use it for any app thats on my phone.

But i stopped every action that bixby and tehe permissions to etc.

With the help of that program i disabelled the bixby button.

But u can use it for google now or assistant even camera ,you name it.

Byxby pops up like flashing,after pressing the button.

It closes directly because it doesnt have any permissions granted.

The app is on google play 

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