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Problems installing apps on Galaxy A9

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My Galaxy A9 2018 model will not install either Amazon Alexa or Amazon music apps I have done everything several times in troubleshooting on google app store and on galaxy store but nothing works , all updates have been done and still can not get the apps , can someone please help or advise thankyou.

TracyR Moderator

Are you getting an error message on the Play Store when you try to download them, @Stu1961?



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Yes am only getting error codes furst one is errorcode 910 then it changes to errorcode 505

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I also get same error and I get it after it has downloaded byt not finished installing, I have been getting this error since january when I bought the phone, I can not download any amazon app that does not come preinstalled

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Pirisaga. How much internal storage do you have available? 

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Ive exactly the same issue with amazon apps and ive over 95gb of free space

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