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Play TV sound on phone

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Hi All. 

Until yesterday, before I applied the last Nov '09 upgrade, I could directly access a "Play TV sound on phone" function at the top of the "notifications drop down" (sorry if there is a better name for that). 

After the upgrade I see two icons instead: "Media" and "Devices".


Screenshot_20191109-165825_One UI Home.jpg


Through those icons, and after some clicks, I endput in the Smarthings controller of my smart TV, where I can click (again) the "3 dots" at the top, and click (and again, finally!) on "Play TV sound on phone". 


Is there a way to bring the direct link to that function back as it was before the upgrade?


More info:

~ Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10+, with upgrade.

~ Software information: One UI 1.1, Android 9, Baseband version G975FXXS3ASJA

~ TV: Samsung QE65Q9FNA




CarloL Moderator

Hey @lubumbax! This specific function was moved following an operational decision from our developers that was included in the latest update for your phone. Although the function remains in the " SmartThings section" for now, I will make sure to share your feedback with the developers team. 

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I have been having the same problem and was pretty frustrated by my attempts to connect my mobile and tv. Hope the developers revert to the original theme

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