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Play Protect Certification Status

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Hello there,

I'm currently using Samsung Galaxy Note8 with Android version 9. Previously I had the Netflix app installed on my phone and was able to watch it. But since upgrading to Android 9, the Netflix app was removed and I cannot re-install it. Now I'm trying to get my Note8 certified but with no luck. Please have a look at the images attached and I hope someone can help?


Thanks in advance.Screenshot_20190412-065448_Google Play Store.jpgThat's the message I get when I go to play store to download it


Screenshot_20190412-065743_Netflix.jpgDownloaded the official app from Netflix' site


Screenshot_20190412-065744_Netflix.jpgEven then it won't work




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Superuser II
Hi, try to contact netflix support, they will help you

Have a good day
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Hi there. If you activated your Netflix account in one region and have since moved to another country then this may be what is causing your compatibility issues. Have you tried deleting the app and re-installing it to see if this helps as this action may result in you getting the correct version for your current region. Hope this helps.
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I use Netflix in the same region I activated it in. This issue I have with Netflix is something Android is blocking as it won't even let me download it from play store, let alone logging in to my Netflix account. It's definitely something to do with Android pie and play protect.

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