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New messenger baffles me

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After the August update to One UI and Pie 9.0 my Samsung text message app changed to: Messages version
The icon is now a white speech bubble with three blue dots in it.
When writing a text a sticker icon is next to the send button. If I tap the sticker icon I am presented with a load of cartoon rabbits.
At the bottom left of this page is a clock dial, a rabbit and a (settings) cog. The extreme right shows a plus sign.
If I tap the dial it says "no stickers" the rabbit brings them back and the cog allows me to reorder my stickers of which I have one called "Bun Bunny". What is the point of tapping the clock dial if the sticker icon is still in the text box?
By the way the plus sign takes me to a place where I can buy some more. Oh joy!

I thought the emojis were bad enough. Was this app designed by a 12 year old?
Thank you

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