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Music Data Not Transfered Correctly from Apple To samsung Galaxy

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I recently bought a new galaxy s10e from Samsung which I am very pleased with except for my experience trying to enjoy my music. I used to have an iPhone with iTunes songs on it and I used smart switch to transfer all my data to my new galaxy phone. All this worked but the only thing that didnt transfer over is most of my music's artwork and the order of some of my albums. 


I dont know if this problem has to do with iTunes file types or if it's not fixable but please someone let me know because I want to enjoy my hard-earned music on my new phone.


Also, this is kind of a separate issue, but I also bought a song on the Google play store and it isn't showing up in my files on my phone. And I also tried uploading my iTunes music directly from my mac to Google play music and downloading it from there but those songs dont show up in my files either.

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