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Latest update on Samsung wearables

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I have two watches the original gear with the camera built in in and and an S3 classic I have found that there is a problem .

With the latest software download for Samsung wearables their original gear watch which was communicate with both watches but but the gear watch has now stopped communicating to the S8 phone and will not download so I can only use the watch to take calls as it will not communicate the new software.

As I have still got an S6 I then repaired the S6 to the gear ear and it is now working and communicating till then when the new software arrived it worked on both phones the S6 and the S8 and now now it will only communicate to the S6 so when somebody made the new software they forgot about the gear that people are still using and I would like to know if Samsung are going to look into their software to try and get the original watch to communicate till all phones as I still love my gear as well l&i use it it thank you

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