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Keep Samsung Health active during workout

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I log my workouts in Samsung Health and start for instance a excersise bike activity via the Gear S3 watch. It shows a count down, then a screen with elapsed time, heard rate and burned callories. This screen is what I want to stay on the watch. But after 15 seconds the screen fades out and shows the normal watch face again.


I have to tap the watch or use the exaggerated "lift arm to look at watch" movement to show the workout details for another 15 seconds.


I think it used to stick to the excersise screen before, but I might be remembering wrong.


Any way to keep the watch showing the excersise screen during workouts?


(Always on screen is on)


I use kinscreen in the playstore to just keep Samsung health when I'm cycling 

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I have just updated my Samsung Music App and find the App has reversed my background color.

Can anyone tell me how to correct this?   Thanks

I agree, This is so annoying. We want to see where we're at, at a glance, when working up a sweat. Not messing around with our watches! 👀
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