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How to get Samsung s10 and Samsung Galaxy Active Watch to work with Pokemon Go Adventure Sync

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So I switched from iPhone and Apple Watch to the S10 and Galaxy Active watch. Since then, can't get Adventure Sync to work properly. It only tracks a very bare minimum amount, eg. if I walk 1km it'll MAYBE register 0.1km if I'm lucky. 


I feel the problem is with the Google Fit App. It doesnt' tract steps outside of what it appears to consider a 'workout'. The discrepency between it, Samsung Health App and my watch is huge. From what I can see I need this app as it's the only one that will work with Adventure Sync. I've allowed all permissions, use both POGO and Fit on phone data and not wifi, don't have battery saver on etc. 


What is going on? It's super frustrating as I didn't have to do ANYTHING but turn on Adventure Sync on the game when I had my Apple gear. I'd go to work, walk 10km, and the open pokemon go later or the next day and I'd be credited with the steps. 


If anyone could help it'd be appreciated. Thanks. 

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