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Hissing/buzzing noise in ringtone, notifications and watching on Youtobe in Galaxy A7 2017

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My Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 ringtones and notifications (even in Facebook and Messenger notifications) have no sound, instead only hissing/buzzing noise is heard wheneverI received a call or messages. When I watch programs in Youtube, there is only hissing/buzzing noise, there is no sound. However, I can still talk clearly when I call somebody or somebody call me (the hissing/buzzing noise is now my ringtone, hehehe). What maybe the problem? Please advice asap. Thanks.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Sam2911. Can you set your phone in Safe Mode and see if there is a difference? To do this, restart your phone but whilst it's powering up, keep the 'Volume Down' button held until you reach the home screen. If done correctly, Safe Mode will be displayed in the bottom left corner. 

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