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Health 5.17 no runkeeper sync

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Well looks like I'll be going back to the old version then. I just went to set it up on my new phone without realising it hadn't been sending anything to Runkeeper for the last few months. This is just the latest in a few cases where Samsung seem to have gotten rid of a good feature without any apparent good reason.

I mean if I wanted a brand that has a habit of getting rid of useful features that people still use, I'd go back to Apple (heaven forbid). Fortunately there are plenty of other good android brands. If Samsung doesn't lift their game a bit, there are other options.

Using the old version of Samsung Health is a good workaround for me, as I do not actually use Samsung Health for any fitness related tracking or analysis anyway. It is just a means for getting my content from the Galaxy Watch to RunKeeper (where i have almost ten years of fitness data). I would certainly give version 6 of Samsung Health a shot, if I could still synchronize my data. But, since I cannot, I will continue to keep version 5.17 on my Galaxy S9+.

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Yeah it would have been about 10 years ago when I first used runkeeper also. Back when I had an iphone and with several android phones since then (one HTC and the rest samsung). The only reason I started using the samsung app in the first place is that I got a samsung watch and started taking that with me when I exercised instead of a phone. If I could record with my watch straight in to runkeeper I wouldn't even bother with Samsung health.
But now I've got the older version back with the link to Runkeeper. I missed a few months of runkeeper data when I didn't know it wasn't sending to runkeeper any more but that's better than losing years worth of data. Going back to the older version of samsung health seemed to have lost all that data from those few months in there too.
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Heb ook alleen Strava
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Let me be the first to say


You b*****. Seriously. You'r lame!


Taking away functionality then hiding behind an obscure EULA is BS!


I wish I knew this before I bought this Samsung watch. I would have bought something else that was not purposefully gimped to send data and content only to your affiliates. 


Very disappointed! 😡


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This is extremely annoying. When buying my Gear S3, about a year and a half ago, the only thing I checked was if it would work with Runkeeper, which I have been using since 2011.


Even more infuriating was Samsung's response to my inquiries,  after Runkeeper stopped syncing (for me it was around July). Their representative refused answering my direct question, whether they have dropped Runkeeper support.


Great way to lose costumers, Samsung!

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Samsung it's maybe time to answer this thread? 


I asked Samsung why synced data between Health and Strava gives different values. Response: we are going to drop Strava support too.

So no sync with anyone anymore...

Great way to lose customers!

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I was about to buy a Galaxy Watch but without  the  option to sync my runs to Runkeeper, as I am doing it with various devices since years, I will not buy one and have to look for something else...

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