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Health 5.17 no runkeeper sync




I've recently updated to the latest version of Samsung Health (5.17).

Since the update i'm unable to enable sync to runkeeper.


Only selectable "connected services" seems to be Strave, am i missing something?


Regards, Jürgen


I have the same problem .

Sync with Strava is working.

Runkeeper seems to have disappeared from S Health??

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Same issue here. Runkeeper has gone. See only Strava.


All connected services except Strava were stopped in the latest update.

Samsung did provide notification of this through the Samsung health app a few weeks ago.


Strange.. I've never seen a notification of this. Can't seem to find anything on this on the internet..


If you look hard enough in this thread it was discuss briefly with a screenshot:


Done the hard work for you...Screenshot_20180912-111150_Samsung Internet.jpg



Hm i've never seen the announcement either.


I've been considering to move from my gear fit 2 to the galaxy whatch.

The lack of synchronisation options with runkeeper will probably mean I'll make the leap to a competing brand.


Hmm that's a shame. My complete run history is in Runkeeper. Now my new activities will never show up there. 
Maybe it's time to say bye bye to Samsung and switch to another brand.


I thought it was just me, as my Samsung Health stopped syncing with RunKeeper yesterday (September 13th). Up until that time my runs, bikes, and swims automatically showed up in my RunKeeper account. This is important to me, as I have used RunKeeper since 2008, so basically ten years of my fitness tracking is there! 


Now I have to do the manual exports of GPX files, and upload them to RunKeeper. And, because the swim activities do not have a GPX export option, I have to enter those manually.


Come on Samsung!!! I bought the Galaxy Watch because of the fitness features, now I feel like going back to my TomTom Spark 3 (at half the cost)!

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