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Great .yep I've got that up. I can see it says free space but it only gives u the option to delete ALL that's already saved .I have a folder with all my dads pics, he passed away, and I didn't want them scattered everywhere I like them in a folder on my phone.
Just don't understand how when I delete pics on either Google pics or my phone camera they both get deleted. Before I used to be able to delete say 100 pics and they would still be saved on Google app. Thanks for your help I do appreciate it.
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From here select device folders sketch-1491428415520.png




Next you will see images and folder names which when you click will open the folder showing the photos in sideScreenshot_20170406-091707.png




Now when inside the folder select a photo and you will see 3 small dots in the top right click that and you will see this menuScreenshot_20170406-091942.png




From here you can select to delete from the device only or you can back it up before doing so if the automatic back up is turned off.


Hope that helps. :smileyhappy:

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Thank you so much 👍👍👍👍👍 

Alot of my pics have the cloud at the top which means it hasn't backed up. Does it not do it automatically?Screenshot_20170406-141700.png



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Hi again the cloud means it has not been uploaded in your picture.


On the 1st screen when you bring up the app look in the top right for a cloud with a line through it, 



 Tap the cloud and this will come up



 Just tap the slider and it will turn on the upload and upload ALL photos. Or you do each one manually like in your photo and tap the cloud with the arrow.






I can't download all my old photos from.gpogledrive 

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