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Google Pay on Samsung Watch?


Yes, there are counties where Samsung has not activated Samsung Pay yet. But these comments about banks are for people who do have Samsung pay in their countries but only one bank card working (and usually the one they don’t have their account with) and they blame Samsung for that. But for you there is an easy solution. Change the region (CSC code) on your watch/phone and it will suddenly show up and work fine. The only downside is your Samsung pay adds will be on the language of the country you change the region to. So, if you change to Sweden region your Samsung Pay will be on Swedish language but also all the goods advertised will be for Sweden market. Here is what happened to me: I am in Australia and bought my Samsung Galaxy watch from the local eBay seller. Got the watch but could not open Samsung pay on it (my phone was OK with AU region). Then I found out the watch CSC code was TTT (Trinidad and Tobago) hence why was the watch so much cheaper than local shop. There is the Linux tool for windows I downloaded to change the region (CSC code) on my watch. When I got to choose the code there was a long list of codes and instead of going to google the right code, I assumed AUT is Australian. After changing to AUT my watch suddenly had a Samsung pay and it worked fine paying with the watch from then on. But I started getting strange German adds on my app. Went back to check the codes and found out AUT is Swiss code and Australian is XSA (go figure)! Changed the code to XSA and never had a problem again. Last summer I drove from Greece to London and back and Samsung pay worked in all countries (even in Macedonia and Serbia - non-EU countries). Here is the code list I used:

and here is the tool for the watch. Not sure if it will work with the phone:

This is the best way as there is no flashing the firmware and possibility of bricking the device. BUT changing the CSC code may void the warranty. In my case watch was from different region already so wasn’t covered with warranty (unless I decided to send it back to Trinidad and Tobago).

Also, you may consider Google Pay. It works on my Samsung phone. Not sure if it will work in Denmark or on the watch.




To Kelvijin

Just change your watch CSC code to your preferred country. It will work fine.

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All interesting and obvious information, which (if you actually knew what you were talking about) would be fine - yes that all works but unless you have a bank account in the country you spoof, then no, it doesn't work. I can use a vpn and pretend to be in any country in the world, but unless I have a bank account *in that country* then Samsung Pay is not/will not be operational. The fact that I cannot download and install Samsung Pay in Denmark is an obvious indicator that Samsung, not the Banks (who as previously mentioned, do support it as a means of payment) are behind the curve. Thanks for your time.

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