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Google Pay on Samsung Watch?

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No.  I had no trouble using Samsung Pay rather than Google Pay, but for many people in the UK it is a problem due to lack of major banks signed up to the Samsung Pay service.  Samsung should get this sorted.

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@Petejordan wrote:

That's slightly wrong, you can have a galaxy watch and use Samsung pay, you just downloaded the Samsung pay app onto any phone then register that way to your watch, I'm using a Moto G5s running Android once the card is registered the watch works independently of the phone for Samsung pay.

Now the issue I've got 3 cards, Lloyds, Yorkshire bank and tsb, I've tried today to registering each one of them and non are supported for Samsung pay 🤐 so I'm stuck with using my phone which uses android pay until one of my banks is supported, I've heard HSBC support Samsung pay but no good for me. Pete.

I don't think that works because if we try to connect a new device, the watch resets and you have to setup again from the beginning.

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Samsung pay is not supported on a non-samsung phone and the app is not shown on Galaxy Watch Store as well, I have no idea why!

I live in Germany and the watch is from Germany.


I had no issue with SAMSUNG PAY. It seemed to work OK on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, at least as good or as bad as it does on my Galaxy S10+.

But NONE of my banks in the UK is supported by SAMSUNG PAY (this includes NATWEST, BARCLAYS, HALIFAX & SANTANDER).

However, all of them work with GOOGLE PAY (Google Pay = Android Pay)

For flight tickets, and I fly every week, it's exactly the same. My most frequent airlines can send the tickets to Google Pay (=Android Pay) however they don't send it to Samsung Pay.

On my phone, I have both, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. I simply cannot use Samsung Pay for anything while Google Pay supports all my needs.

I believe that at least for UK Customers, Samsung should add Google Pay to the watch.

I liked the watch, and I returned it just because of this only but big problem.





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Samsung doesn't care about their Canadian customers.   They still dont support Canadian debit cards on the watch, only the phone works with debit tap.  You wouldn't think it would be rocket science to integrate the feature into their flagship watch lineup.  My apple 2 watch from years ago supported it.  It comes down to it not being a priority for them.  I am embarassed for them.

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And by the way I am referring to Samsung pay not google pay.
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Hi! I just bought my Galaxy w. I have an iphone and im so dissapointed, that i can not find a solution to pay somehow with my galaxy w. Samsung pay is not on the watch and i can not download it from app store. If somebody knows any solution, i would be happy for it. Oh and google pay also not findable in the app store, or in galaxy store. bb.


How can you say that while title says otherwise!?


@Bl6ckSh33p, the issue this thread is discussing is that the Samsung Galaxy watch (all of them AFAIK) is that you cannot use Google Pay with it. It only supports Samsung Pay, which is not as widely adopted by retailers and doesn't support as many debit/credit cards (at least in the UK).


Your issue is that you cannot use Samsung Pay (or Google Pay) on an iPhone. This is a restriction from Apple as they will only support Apple Pay. I cannot forsee a time where any Android (or Tizen) based device will be able to use Apple Pay.


I would go so far as to say, you will never be able to pay with your Galaxy watch when paired with an Apple phone.

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