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Google Pay on Samsung Watch?

samsung pay is useless to me because does support none of my banks Barclays and Natwest. I need Google Pay. I have returned my watch because of lack of compatibility with almost everything that is not Samsung,
few banks I would say
Please tick this off as solved. Using samsung pay does not solve anything. Many users need Google Pay because of their banks
That is again my problem. In the UK most of banks have agreement with Iphone and with Google Pay but not with Samsung Pay. None of my cards are supported by Samsung Pay but all of them work ok with both Iphone and Google Pay
you cannot use Google Pay with galaxy watch active

At least Barclays, Natwest and Halifax are not supported by Galaxy Pay but yes by Google Pay. On Samsung mobiles, Google Pay works ok but not on the phone... I can't understand it! Any unbranded android activity tracker has Google Pay working ok...very dissapointed

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Just had the same problem at ASDA.  I tried three different scanners, none would accept payment with my Gear S3.  My Gear S3 worked fine in Sainsbury's and Morrisons the previous day.

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Samsung Pay doesn't work in all countries so this advice is useless. This company needs to add support for Google apps on Tizen.




is it possible to use G Pay on Samsung Gear S3 Frointier?



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