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Galaxy Watch Samsung Pay plug-In not installing


Just to be clear I wanted to ask, to be able to add cards it has to be supported in your country the Samsung pay right? I am in Czech republic and here it is also not supported, I did the steps to add Samsung pay to my watch by changing the region to Italy where it is supported, but I am unable to add my Czech credit cards... it always fails. I hope they add Samsung pay soon, it is 2019 and it is a shame.

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I Get A problem When i install The Samsung browser....I Found A Site Have The App On Android I'm Going To Download It Now... I Don't Know If They Work Or Not Here Link:
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They change the name of the app now. Now its called Samsung pay (Watch plugin). I installed both the plugin and the main Samsung pay app and now it works. When you start the app it will check for updates and install new update if they are available. 

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I realise this thread has covered a lot of ground so far. 


I would like to confirm that when my Pixel 3a XL turns up, I can still use Samsung Pay through my 1 week old Galaxy 46mm watch?


I was really hoping Google pay would work thru the watch but it appears not after several hours of research.


So who do we contact to ask for Samsung and Google to grow up, play nicely and allow Gpay and/or samsung pay on all android and wearables regardless of manufacturer and OS?


There is light in the tunnel as seeing that google/youtube are now friends with amazon prime and offering a dedicated YT app for fire TV stick.  Guess what? I use it all the time now.


Will 2020 be the year of realisation that cooperation amongst tech giants actually pleases customers? 

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