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Galaxy Watch Samsung Pay plug-In not installing

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All the steps are on the 7th page of this thread. See message written by  

But before you start make sure you enabled Developer mode by tapping about 7 times on software version on your watch.



I recently bought a Galaxy watch from Amazon. My problem is Samsung pay did not come pre loaded on the watch and it seems like there's no way to install it on the watch. It's a US version so it should have Samsung Pay. I have spoken with Samsung multiple times and every call they have confirmed it's a US version and should have Samsung Pay. Each time they walk me through steps (uninstall wearable app, reset watch, reinstall, reconnect watch, and so on and so on) No luck! Im using my Note 8 which Samsung Pay works perfect on. But no Samsung Pay plug in or anything shows up on the watch or the wearable app. Deciding to try my luck here while Samsung "looks into it". Thanx

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can u please help me with samsung pay for s3 gear frontier and how to install for india and will it be useable

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Hey guys! First of all massive props for all the work done!


Im currently live in India thogh originally im from Latvia. I have android poco f1 phone. 

I just wanted to add some of the things I discovered while dealing with the lack of Samsung pay on the Samsung gear sports. 


1) your phone's region has to be the same as you want to put on the watch. If you are putting  XSA and your phone settings set to india your watch and phone will not pair ( at least i could not make it so) .

2) if you will put both your watch and phone on some other location (for both devices the same), and you will not have that countries credit/debit cards you will not be able to add them on Samsung pay. For example, I set mine on Australia (XSA) and tried to add latvian/uk/german credit/debit cards, the Samsung pay rejected them and provided a link to which AUSTRALIAN cards are partnered with them.


so this is to all Indian people basically. Unless someone can tell me how to work around this, you won't be able to use INDIAN cards on Samsung gear sports by using different country.


So i followed the instructions as per @


I have a Samsung galaxy watch 42mm and Nokia 7 Plus , i live in India, since i got the watch there is no option of Samsung pay in Galaxy wear app. I manually installed latest Samsung pay plugin ( ) , and changed the region to Australia and after that when i paired the watch again with galaxy wear app Samsung pay is showing in it, and i then followed the instructions in the app to set it up, But initially the Samsung pay app is not recognising my compatible Indian Debit and Credit card and not allowing me to add, i thought this might be that i had changed the region to Australia, but i tried again after an hour and then to my surprise i am able to add all my 4 cards to Samsung pay app , and it is working also, i tried a payment at NFC enabled terminal and payment works flawlessly. 


Thanks for the instructions @ .



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Sorry to sound dumb but how did you do this please?
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