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Galaxy Watch Samsung Pay plug-In not installing

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The good news with a plug in it should work fine.  Search Samsung pay API or something like that..

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Samsung pay is available on my S10 but not on my watch, there was an update today but only to the OS not the wearables so I still cant pay for things with my watch.


Hi @Nobba, Hi @TheHarold 


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Hi @GeorgeC

Have replied

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thank you for detailed steps! It works for my huawei p20 pro and galaxy watch!!!


Ok, I have tried the apk and it still doesn’t work. My phone is a Nubia Z17s running android 7.7.1.

The watch works fine with the phone otherwise. I am not sure if I should try the change the watch region?

I am guessing the phone was made in China for the UK market. I am in the UK.

The watch is the new Galaxy watch active by the way.


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Do you have the updated apk available for Samsung Pay?

The latest from Feb 2019 on the site linked from page 2.
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Dude, I've spent about an hour on your manual and it worked. The only thing I want to add point 2: your watch should also be in developer mode not only in debugging mode. Because without it SDB constantly loses connection. Thanks for your manual. I thought I will not be able to use Samsung Pay on my watch.


@Belarus can you please repost all the steps to get Samsung pay on galaxy watch....i have a s10 plus ....or the link.

Thanks mate.


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