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Galaxy Watch Samsung Pay plug-In not installing

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Then how updates work? Do we need to update latest version manually?


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Hey guys, sorry to be a pain but just wanted to confirm, will this work on my galaxy watch here in Australia? I have and s10+ with Samsung Pay which works a treat but unfortunately didn't realise I brought a galaxy watch that was made in Vietnam therefore not available on the watch! 


If it will work, is it best to download the above file to my laptop and then send across to my s10+ via the usb c cable?


Sorry for (probabky) the very basic questions, I just don't want to stuff this up!


Cheers Chris 


Yes it does

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I just got my S10 and coming from Note8, after resetting my watch I noticed that it DOES NOT have pay active. When I sync it back to my Note8 the pay comes back. I've seen some say Pay does not work with Android Pie therefore it will not activate.


WTH so useless

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Gonna try tomorrow after work mate! Cheers

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Just got the S10+ and can not complete the samsung pay on the gear s3 frontier.

One would think Samsung would have this all working when releasing a new model

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@Carmichael272 wrote:

i want to use samsung pay on my galaxy watch, not on smartphone but to configure the cards for watch I have to use the plug in on phone

Hi I use my galaxy watch with my asus Zenfone 5, and when i try to configure Samsung pay it starts a download on my smartphone, but when the download ends nothing happens and if i try to open the samsung pay page from the galaxy watch plug-in it starts again the Download.

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How did it go? Keen for an update lol!


Hi @Robski 


Have you updated Galaxy wearable app from Samsung App store?


Hi @TheHarold 


I have tried on S10 and S10+ and Samsung Pay is active and available. Can you please check if Galaxy wearables app is updated?


Hi @Nobba 

As far as I know, Samsung Pay is available in Australia. Why are you looking to switch to Pay UK?

It doesn't matter where your watch was made (hardware wise), but where it was purchased as each market as its own requirements/features and devices sold in that market need to run the correct software.



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Hey @GeorgeC


The Samsung pay wigdet does not seem to be available on my galaxy watch.  If I hold the button like you are supposed to nothing appears.  I read earlier that it depends on where the watch was made as to if Samsung pay is available on that particualr watch?  Pretty annoyed as I am a former Iphone tragic and have slowly been coming over to the android side with the s10+ my final step so I really wanted to use the Samsung Pay with my watch as I use it every day on my phone.


Cheers  Nobba

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