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Galaxy Watch Samsung Pay plug-In not installing

Samsung Pay (Gear Plugin) doesn't apper in my smartphone apps' list

I Managed to fix the issue downloading the apk of samsung pay (Gear Plugin) and installing it manually on my smartphone


Hi @Carmichael272


What is the result? It works now? How did you managed to do that?


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Had the same issue. Incredibly frustrating.  The only fix was for me to install the APK manually. I found it here:

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This worked for me as well. I have an LG V30 and was trying to set up Samsung Pay. In the Wear app I clicked "Open Samsung Pay" and a message popped up at the bottom of the screen saying "Installing Samsung Pay (wear plug-in)" then it would go away. I would then click "Open Samsung Pay" and this message would pop up again. This continued on a loop every time I would try to get samsung pay to work.

The solution is to install the APK manually downloaded from the internet. Everything functions fine now.
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This worked for me too. Many thanks! Do they continue to update the version?


Hi, so I downloaded the APK already, how did you transfer it to your watch? Thanks

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you download and install it. When you launch the app for the watch, Samsung Pay appears an as option


Ok, just to clarify, did you download it with your phone, or with your watch? I downloaded it with my phone, and got prompted that it wasn't from a trusted source-which I approved so that I can download it, but after openning it, it says that my watch may not be supported. 


Thanks for your reply

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I did it on the phone. What watch do you have?

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