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Female health on Samsung health app

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What is the status on a period tracker in the Samsung Health App?

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Hello Samsung,

I just bought my Samgung Galaxy watch last week. Not an easy decision to move from fitbit charge 2 which i loved... but HR sensor died and I did not want to purchase charge 3... so here I am with my new galaxy watch. it's simply beautiful. But I spent 2 hours trying to figure out where the hell is female health tracker... not even thinking about  that it does not exist... I just simply can not believe it... did not check it before purchase as was sure this would be in ... we are in 2019 hello ... wake up. This is the most important health tracker of any woman. after reading back on all answers from you for THE PAST YEAR!!! I simply think you just give s*** for women in general. I'm just so dissappointed... have no words.

Technically I love the product, but app just sucks. It's outdated, basic graphic, not interesting at all. I'm sorry I can not track the data in fitbit app...


I 1000% agree with DobraVila. The same exact thing happened to me except I had the Fitbit Alta HR previously. It's sad Samsung can't compete with Fitbit on an APP....even after being called out for the last year.


Are there only male users of the actve watch ? Or only male engineers.... This is ridiculus. Luckily I havent bought the watch yet. 

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