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Female health on Samsung health app

AndrewL Moderator
Thank you for the feedback. This has been passed to our Research and Development Team who will explore the possibility of including Female Health features in future versions of the S Health app.
Fitbit isn't compatible with Shealth, but you can still use the app for your female health tracker. I do.
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The suggestion below: "There are third-party apps you can download and install that can be used to track your monthly cycle"... Remember the 3rd parties APPs does not work on galaxy watches.  

So, please @Samsung do you have another solution?

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Which third party apps can be added as a widget to the watch? Thank you 


Hi! Has there been any development on this idea? Is there a period tracker in Samsung Health? 

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Still nothing since 2018 ? 

I'm forced to keep my Fitbit app...

This is annoying because the Galaxy Watch is not cheap ..


It's incredible that a period tracker hasn't been implemented yet. I suggest that you postpone the development of a fully featured fertility tracker and include a basic tracker urgently, perhaps with the next update. 


More than half of the population is female and more than half of females menstruate. And pretty much all of them track their period. It's an outrageous omission.  


I don't mean to single Samsung out. Have a read of Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez to see how women's realities are overlooked throughout society. 



Just to add that more than 100 million women use menstruation tracking apps worldwide. This is not a minority interest! 

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By the time this app is created Ill be using a different fitness and Heath tracker. 

And I'll have reached the menopause 😨
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